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Martha Quispe Laura

Martha Quispe Laura is in her 8th semester at UPEA studying Education Sciences. She recently traveled to the town of Copacabana with her classmates to administer surveys on the quality of education and on the prioritization of implementing multiculturalism and bilingualism.

Martha also works with the Salvation Army Integral Development Center, located in the city of El Alto. The Center provides psycho-educational support to children aged 5-7 who have different learning problems such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyslalia, and psychological problems such as hyperactivity, anxiety, apathy, family problems, etc.

Martha has had a BQEF scholarship since January, 2010. Her studies are sponsored by a private donor.

Martha Quispe LauraMartha Quispe Laura
Nelly And A Masked ClassmateNelly And A Masked ClassmateNelly And A Masked Classmate
Nicolás Mario Churqui Mamani

Mario is in his 8th semester studying Education Science with a focus on alternative education at UPEA, Achacachi campus. He chose this program so he could become a teacher in First Day School to help his younger brothers and sisters of the church. He studied Theology and Auto Mechanics before choosing education. His favorite subject is educational research. Together with Panfilo Chura, Mario developed a project for Quaker Radio in Achacachi, a project on Environmental Contamination in the schools of Achacachi with the support of PADEM, and a project of "Forestation of Pine and Eucalyptus Trees."

Nicolás Mario Churqui MamaniNicolás Mario Churqui Mamani
Nydia Mariza Quispe Cordero

Nydia is in her 9th semester studying linguistics and languages at UPEA. Her favorite subjects are English, literature, language, and especially writing. Nydia is a translator for Jáqi-Aru, an online Aymara community. Her class plans to visit Tiwanaku to learn more about Aymara rites.

Nydia is currently developing the outline for her thesis with the theme "Methodology Strategies for the Learning of the Aymara Language." Her goal is to complete her degree and work in rural areas as a teacher.

Nydia Mariza Quispe CorderoNydia Mariza Quispe Cordero
Olga Huanca Gironda

Olga is in her 4th year of Auditor studies at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés). She tells us she has learned a lot in her studies and practicums, and that what attracted her to this major was accounting norms and standards.

Olga also tells us she is committed to improving her skills, but that she also argues - that sometimes teachers are wrong in their scoring and do not acknowledge their mistakes when they’re brought to their attention.

Olga Huanca GirondaOlga Huanca Gironda
Oscar, Angel, and Nelly in the Classroom

Accounting graduate Irma Lima Tarqui brought snacks and supplies to the classroom, where she worked with these three very young students. We're always inspired by our students, who give back so much and so generously!

Oscar, Angel, and Nelly in the ClassroomOscar, Angel, and Nelly in the Classroom
Primitiva and a Model wearing her Aymara-themed dress

Primitiva and her classmates designed and made fashionable dresses incorporating traditional Aymara themes. Miss La Paz candidates modeled the clothing in a fashion show. A number of organizations attended the show and offered their congratulations to the students.
The organizations, many of them international, spread appreciation for beauty of the textiles, as well as provide markets.

Primitiva and a Model wearing her Aymara-themed dressPrimitiva and a Model wearing her Aymara-themed dress
Primitiva and Her Family With the Potato Harvest

Primitiva returned to her family home in the Andean fall to help with the potato harvest. They worked from early morning to night harvesting potatoes and turning them into chuños ("freeze-dried" potatoes). At night they shared a feast and Primitiva enjoyed having the whole family united and giving thanks.

Primitiva and Her Family With the Potato HarvestPrimitiva and Her Family With the Potato Harvest
Primitiva at the Knitting Machine

Primitiva likes to carry a pair of chopsticks with her for use in managing the yarns on the knitting machine.

Primitiva at the Knitting MachinePrimitiva at the Knitting Machine
Primitiva Castaya Quispe co-presents Aymara textiles to President Evo Morales

Scholarship student Primitiva Castaya Quispe (in the tan bowler) co-presents textiles made by her class to Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Primitiva Castaya Quispe co-presents Aymara textiles to President Evo MoralesPrimitiva Castaya Quispe co-presents Aymara textiles to President Evo Morales
Raquel And Classmates With Neonatology Practice Dolls

Raquel Quisbert Cama and Classmates with Neonatology practice dolls.

Raquel And Classmates With Neonatology Practice DollsRaquel And Classmates With Neonatology Practice Dolls
Raul Quispe Colque

Raul is in his 6th semester studying Electronic Engineering at UPEA (Universidad Pública de El Alto). His favorite classes include Microcontrollers and electronics. In the future, Raul hopes to work for a company that makes electronic lifts.

Raul’s father is a potato farmer in the highlands, and his mother died 3 years ago. He has two sisters; his younger sister is studying nursing and works. Raul currently lives with his uncle, who inspired him to study electronics. He works part time with his uncle as an electrician, which helps to cover some of his school expenses.

Raul Quispe ColqueRaul Quispe Colque
Rene Oscar Huanca Quispe

Rene is in his 3rd semester studying law at UPEA, where he enjoys learning about rules and laws. He wants to become a professional so he can be a better person and serve his community in conflict resolution. He aspires to become a teacher at the University.

Rene did not have to work the 1st and 2nd semesters at the University because his parents helped cover his expenses by selling their products and animals. However, his costs are higher now, and he currently works nights and weekends as a tailor to pay for expenses. He requested a scholarship to cover the additional costs of his University studies.

Rene Oscar Huanca QuispeRene Oscar Huanca Quispe
Rocio Mery Quispe Tambo

Rocio is in her 3rd semester studying Gastronomy (Culinary Arts) at the INFOCAL Institute. Her favorite course is pastry because she enjoys making cookies and other types of pastries. She tells us that they are very delicious. She decided to study this career because it is a short course and ends with the possibility of work.

Her family includes her mother and 3 brothers. Her father died when she was five years old. Her mother is a housewife, and all are members of the Friends Evangelical National Church.

In her free time, Rocio knits scarves and makes cookies to sell to help cover her expenses. She is patient and enjoys this work.

Her future goals include opening a tearoom or a restaurant based on nutrition. She wants to continue studying Nutrition at the University.

Rocio Mery Quispe TamboRocio Mery Quispe Tambo
Ronald Paucara Apaza

Ronald is studying Law at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés). He chose this field because he likes to help people resolve their problems.

His father works as a clerk handling cables at a communications company, and his mother is a housewife. Ronald has 2 brothers who are studying in school. Ronald’s father helps with his school expenses, but this support is not sufficient.

In his spare time he plays soccer with his brothers, and helps his parents on the weekends. Ronald and his family are members of Santidad Friends Church, where he helps lead the youth worship.

Ronald Paucara ApazaRonald Paucara Apaza
Rosalia Paucara Mamani

Rosalia is in her second year studying community justice at UMSA. She became interested in this field because she likes working with people, especially programs that support women in the community.
Rosalia is the oldest of four sisters. Two of her sisters are currently studying at school. One of her sisters was studying at the University but low economic resources forced her to discontinue her studies. Her father sells Peruvian medicine products at rural fairs and markets.

Rosalia is member of Santidad Amigos Yearly meeting where she is the children’s teacher. She attended this church for 15 years together with her sisters and her father, who works in the Santidad “Tawantinsuyo” church in El Alto.

Rosalia Paucara MamaniRosalia Paucara Mamani
Soledad Mamani Larico

Soledad is studying nutrition at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés). She is committed to studying nutrition because most of her people have poor eating habits. She was inspired to study this career because of her father and her sister’s dedication to healthy food. She enjoys doing all the activities, and with her knowledge and experience she gives lectures and workshops to others.

Soledad has two younger brothers and an older sister. Her sister is a nurse, and is currently living with her mother. Her two brothers are studying in school. Her father is director of CDI, which is a minimum wage job and has an office in the District. Her mother works in Santa Monica caring for the elderly (a temporary job).

Soledad Mamani LaricoSoledad Mamani Larico
Tania At A Remote Health Center

Medical student Tania Colque Chambilla worked at this remote health center as part of her practicum.

Tania At A Remote Health CenterTania At A Remote Health Center
Wilder Condori Pillco

Wilder is in his 4th semester studying Industrial Mechanics in the Pedro Domingo Murillo Industrial School, in La Paz. His favorite course is Workshop because it offers practical knowledge that he can use to help people. He enjoys the interactive relationship with his instructors because each one has to continually develop themselves and everyone learns. When finished with his education, Wilder wants to design a wheelchair for his uncle, who has a foot ailment.

Wilder has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He and his older brother live with their mother in a rented house. His mother, Hilaria Pillco, is a member of the Gregorio Artesans, a highly skilled craft shop. His father has passed away.

Wilder Condori PillcoWilder Condori Pillco
Yamil Apaza Hullpa

As a young boy, Yamil’s father, a musician, taught him to play musical instruments. This inspired him to study Creative Music Expression at the Warisata Normal School. Yamil’s music teacher in school also encouraged him in this area.

Yamil has one brother and two sisters; he is the eldest son. One of his sisters traveled to Cuba to study, but did not finish the program. His father works as a musician but has no source of steady income, and his mother is a merchant. Jamil, his sister, and grandmother are members of Holiness Friends church of Achacachi.

In his spare time, Yamil works making bricks to cover some of his expenses. He is an active person, likes to leave memories forever with each activity he does, and also likes to collaborate with teachers.

Yamil Apaza HullpaYamil Apaza Hullpa