Esther Tinco Mamani

Esther Tinco Mamani

UPDATE: Esther completed her thesis and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in June 2010.


Esther is preparing her thesis to earn her degree in Agricultural Engineering at UMSA. She chose this vocation because she has loved working with animals and plants since she was very young. Her favorite subject was Horticulture because she enjoyed learning about the cultivation of plants and vegetables and the use of solar tents. As a field assistant for Intensive Crops at the Experimental Center in Cota Cota, she recently assisted in the harvest of paprika, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and roses. Esther is also a teaching assistant in horticulture and plant physiology for UMSA.

Projects Esther has worked on include:

• Taught a workshop in Luribay on pesticide management with 45 community members from 23 families.

• Helped the communities of Chauripampa and Omasuyos in Dairy Management.

Esther is the oldest of four children. Her father works as a machine operator, and her mother knits sweaters and creates macramé. Her family are members of Santidad Yearly Meeting. Esther’s parents are immigrants from the province of Aroma and the Andes.

During her free time Esther reads books, works with youth at her church, takes care of the church library, and participates in volleyball and aerobics.

Esther’s future plans include completing her thesis and continuing her studies in the improvement of vegetables. She also wants to become a teacher of adult Sunday School and to become a pastor in the church.

Esther’s studies are being sponsored by Live Oak Friends Meeting, Houston. She has had a BQEF scholarship since 2007.