Quaker Community Service Trip to Bolivia in June 2009


BQEF Board member Barbara Flynn is leading a Quaker community service trip to Bolivia June 13-27, 2009.
While not a BQEF-sponsored activity, the trip sounds so good we wanted to share it with you. Information
below is taken from Barbara's Treasures of the Andes website:

Explore the Magic of the Bolivian Andes: home of a culture older than the Incas with legendary historical sites (and over 30,000 Quakers). Spectacular vistas and towering peaks, lush valleys and the sacred Lake Titiikaka.  Center of a democratic grassroots social revolution ending 5 centuries of "apartheid".

Spend a week in the beautiful Sorata Valley, working with villagers on life-changing projects of Bolivian Quaker Education Fund and Quaker Bolivia Link.

Then visit La Paz, the world's highest capital city, and talk with indigenous leaders who are working to end the social exclusion of the indigenous majority and relieve extreme rural poverty.

Optional Extensions include volunteering in Quaker schools and Machu Picchu.

Learn more at Treasures of the Andes
Email Barbara directly at: info (at) treasuresoftheandes (dot) com
or by phone: 707-823-6034