E-Newsletter May 2003



11253 Boston Road
East Concord NY 14055

May 16, 2003

15 young Bolivian Quakers (8 men, 7 women—from both INELA and Santidad) are pursuing post-secondary studies with scholarships from BQEF.

At the end of March the first scholarship payments ($50/mo) were distributed at the BQE-Bo office at 747 Calle Illampu in La Paz, inaugurating the office.

The new office in Calle Illampu is used by the scholarship recipients as a gathering place and for work and study between classes. Added to the original computer is a laptop that Silver Ramos delivered last month (on his return from FWCC), and both are used by students.

PSAC of Live Oak Friends Meeting (Texas) recommends that the Meeting sponsor a scholar or two for 2004.

Three Guilford students are in La Paz now as volunteers for two months to help BQE-Bo, especially with English and computer skills. A Haverford grad will arrive in September for three months of similar volunteer work.

BQEF needs HELP of every kind: cast-off laptops, airline miles, Board members and volunteers, CASH DONATIONS, Meetings to include BQEF in their 2004 budgets (to sponsor scholarships or for general purposes—please write me or e-mail me if you need brochures to discuss this with others).

Newton Garver, President