This Term Was so Fast, Ruben

It has been really interesting to see each experience everyday. By this blog I will sum some important events during this term.
- Jan 5, faculty meeting. All the faculties got together in order to check the grades and progresses of each student.
- Jan 6, the classes resumed.
- Jan 9, There was Youth Alumni Meeting. Students who graduated 5 years ago until last year got together.
- Jan 15, We looked for the bolivian food recipes.
- Jan 25, Peter Baily, Ellen Miles, Nancy-Bill Doolittle and two students (Amanda & Lucia) and me went to an Oakwood Friends School Alumni Gathering in Manhatan-New York. Everything was so good. I met very nice people who graduated many years ago (50) from Oakwood. Also the road which we took was really nice. I played some bolivian music. We got together in an old and expensive apartments of Manhatan.
- Jan 30, Some  students and faculties played and sang. I played charango "condor pasa". It was awsome.
- Feb 2, I posted  a blog for the quaker school in El Alto- Bolivia.
- Feb 3, I had special dinner with Diane-Ellen and Tom quaker friends and retired teachers in Poughkeepsie.
- Feb 5-7, I, Elaine and some students went for a Leadership Conference in Wilmington Friends School located in Delaware. Around 19 quaker schools from USA got together.
- Feb 13, I made a presentation in the Communiting Meeting about "Andean Diet". And for the lunch time, School prepared some bolivian food "P'isqi and picante de pollo".
- Feb 17, I went to middle school to speak about "How wonderful to be bolivian" with 6th grader kids.
- Feb 26-28, There was winter drama presentation "Inspecting Carol" directed by Elaine Lifter drama teacher.
- March 5, Jeremy, Natalia, Julie and me planed for "Bolivian Crafts Sale and Culture Dinner". It will be hold in may in Oakwood. 
Every minute of this term was new experience.  It is great to be an assistant teacher as well as student some times(as visitor  Robotics, Colonialism, World History, Political Advocacy, Drama, Art, and Spanish). I can't believe how fast is the time. 
In coming weeks and months,  I am going to Ithaca and Siracuse. I am going to go to visit Washington DC with 11th graders trip in march, and many other visits.