"God Poured a Bucketful of Blessings", Part II: Esther's work with the Internado students

Esther during an interview in La Paz, February 2009

Esther Tinco Mamani, whom you may know from her video, has been visiting the Internado in Sorata, working with the students on planting vegetables and tending the expanded organic garden.The newly expanded Internado garden, at 8,000 feet

Some of the "internos" have since expressed an interest in learning about farm management.  Esther has also been talking with those who are about to graduate, encouraging them to prepare for and apply to university.

Esther and the Internado staff and students are all enthusiastic about their work together improving the students skills, access to fresh organic food, and expanded horizons.

Internado students readying hoses in the new organic garden


You can view the powerpoint Esther prepared of her work with the Internado students, or watch the video where she talks about pursuing her degree in agronomical engineering - a profession she was told she should avoid because it was a "man's job".