Rene Oscar Huanca Quispe

Rene Oscar Huanca Quispe

Rene is in his 3rd semester studying law at UPEA, where he enjoys learning about rules and laws. He wants to become a professional so he can be a better person and serve his community in conflict resolution. He aspires to become a teacher at the University.

Rene did not have to work the 1st and 2nd semesters at the University because his parents helped cover his expenses by selling their products and animals. However, his costs are higher now, and he currently works nights and weekends as a tailor to pay for expenses. He requested a scholarship to cover the additional costs of his University studies.

Rene’s family is from Omasuyos province. His father works as a bricklayer when jobs are available. He has one brother and one sister; the brother attends high school in El Alto, and his sister helps their parents full time. Rene’s mother and father raise animals, and come to La Paz every weekend to sell products and then make the one hour drive back to their home.

Rene and his family have attended Santidad Amigos Meeting since he was 8 years old.

Rene has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010. To find out how you or your meeting can support Rene's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

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