Alvaro Mamani Mamani

Alvaro Mamani Mamani

Alvara is studying mathematics at the Warisata Normal School (teacher's college). He chose this career because he enjoys working with numbers and also likes to teach children and youth.

Alvaro lives in the town of Achacachi with his parents and four sisters and four brothers. His siblings are all either at school or in college. His father is a shoemaker and part-time mathematics teacher at the Achacachi Friends School, one of the Santidad schools.

In his spare time Alvara helps with his father's shoe shop, and is very active in his church. His entire family is a member of the Achacachi Santidad Church. Alvara serves as a children’s Sunday school teacher, the music Superintendent, and vice-president of young people.

Alvaro has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010.

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