Jair Rubén Ticona

Jair Rubén Ticona

Jairo is studying Gas and Petroleum at the Pedro Domingo Murillo Industrial School. He was inspired to choose this career by his cousin (who works in electrical engineering) and because it is an innovative field. Jairo currently works as a chemistry assistant; the position is unpaid but he will receive a certificate. In the future he wants to continue his studies in engineering. He is motivated to complete his education and become a professional.

Jairo has 1 sister who works in Argentina but does not provide financial support to the family. His father works as a temporary worker in construction, and his mother is unable to work due to an accident and surgery. Jairo’s father provides financial support to cover transportation costs, so on weekends he helps his aunt with house cleaning to earn some extra money.

Jairo is a member of Santidad Friends Church, where he teaches Sunday school to children. His father is part of the Council Monthly Meeting.

Jairo has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010. To find out how you or your meeting can support Jairo's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

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