Ronald Huanca Quispe, Sorata Chess Champ

Ronald and Richard playing chess

Ronald, 18, speaks Aymara and is in his final year at the “General Enrique Penaranda” public high school. He is one of the brightest students at the Internado in Sorata. Ronald is from a community on the altiplano called Cocoyo, which is four hours by car from Sorata.  Buses only run on Saturday and Sunday, so he goes home just one or two times per year. His father works in a cooperative gold mine near Cocoyo, and his mother farms. On school vacations, Ronald works in the mine with his father.

Ronald arrived in Sorata in 2005 to continue his studies,  because there is no highschool in his small town.  He first lived in a rented room in Sorata, but enrolled in the Internado when there was a space available. This year he won the championship in a chess tournament sponsored by the mayor of Sorata, then he competed with the champions from other provinces.

At the Internado his everyday life starts with waking up early,  at 6:30 a.m.  Then he has breakfast and leaves for school. This year is his last year, so he has classes are from 7:30 to 1:30.  In the afternoons, he has chores for the internado like watering the organic vegetable garden or participating in cooking or cleaning tasks.  Also he hasRonald and another Internado student on the laptops brought by Quaker Service and Study Tour visitorsextra lessons on the computer, in English and in music.  Ronald appreciates the enrichment and support he gets, which helps him to excel.  He is planning to study mechanics at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andres, one of the oldest and largest universities in Bolivia and in South America).
Let’s wish blessings to Ronald.