Julian Gilberto Cutile Condori

Julian Gilberto Cutile Condori

Julian is in his 6th semester of the of the Tourism Course at the Technical School in Winay-Marka Huatajata. Fascinated by the English language and traveling since high school, Julian believes that local tourism benefits the community. He wants to specialize in being a guide and in developing tourism opportunities for communities. He is currently working with the community of Chinchaya to record the history of Tupac Katari, where there are many antique ceramics. He views communities as the center of tourism for knitters and artisans.

When he is finished with his studies, Julian has several ideas for developing a tourism industry in communities such as Chinchaya. They could construct floating museums on the reed boats. They could also develop an interpretation center for artisans in the center of Achacachi, which improves the value of the resources in the community and avoids migration to the cities.

In his free time Julian is dedicated to helping those that need assistance, goes to the gym daily to stay healthy, and works to earn some money. His family includes his mother and a younger sister. His mother has worked in business for many years in the town of Achacachi. His sister is studying nursing at the UMSA. Julian grew up with his grandfather who he admires very much for having a high work ethic; however, he died 7 years ago. Julian is very thankful that he doesn’t drink and doesn’t have bad friends.

Bernabé writes that “Julian is confident and motivated to finish his studies.”

Julian has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008. His studies are sponsored by a private donor.

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