I have arrived!



Well, it took exactly two days to get to La Paz from Abergavenny. There was a strike at the airport here which meant that no planes  could land for 24 hours. 36 hours in Miami airport was interesting!!

After a short rest I hit the town. The location is breathtaking and the women really do wear traditional dress. The centre seems quite compact and I hope to have time tomorrow to look at some more places of interest. Most of all I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the Internado in Sorata. 

I am really excited now about meeting everyone. I am writing this in the lobby of the hostal as I wait for Ruben. Wi fi access is good here and I have at last worked out how to Skype.


Thanks for the updates, Hilary! Bolivia really is breathtaking on so many levels, isn't it? The altitude (I don't know how you made it without going to mid-altitude at Sorata first!), the beautiful scenery, and the warm, gracious people - Friends included.

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