"It was one of the high points of my life."

Sponsor Barbara Stanford and student Janelle Aspi share a post-music moment.

The Joys of Sponsorship

When my aunt died, she left my mother a small legacy.   We decided that the best way to honor her memory was to sponsor a couple of Bolivian students who shared some of her qualities—a love of music and a love of children.

After corresponding with our two students, I had the great pleasure of going to Bolivia on the Quaker Study and Service Tour and meeting them at a potluck the entire group of scholarship students hosted for our group.  Maritza greeted me warmly and tried to explain to me about her curriculum in linguistics and teacher training. Janelle came in later with her Christian Mariachi Band which entertained our whole group.  It was one of the high points of my life.

After years of shyness on the part of the students, BQEF now has more students interested in corresponding with sponsors than we have sponsors! Sponsorship is a great opportunity for a monthly meeting, a family or an individual to get to know Bolivian Quakers on a personal level.  Sponsors pay $600 a year to assist the students with their studies.  Students typically write two or three times a year sharing their progress in their studies, their activities with their families and fellow Quakers, and photos. 

For a sponsorship application, please go to www.bqef.org/sponsor, or email us at office (at) bqef.org, or write:
Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, Inc.
11253 Springville Boston Rd.,
East Concord, NY 4055-9711