Panfilo Chura Aliaga

Panfilo Chura Aliaga

UPDATE: Panfilo has finished his coursework and practicum in Education Sciences and is preparing his thesis defense.
Panfilo Chura Aliaga was inspired to study Education Administration when he read a professional profile in a magazine that emphasized the importance of educational leadership. He finished his coursework at the Achicachi UPEA campus and is currently working on his thesis devoted to factors that empower interculturality in Achacachi high school students. His favorite courses were educational planning and curriculum development. He serves on the teaching staff in the Quaker school where he also works on health education projects.

Panfilo is the third son of 5 children. His parents are farmers from Taramaya Grande, his older brother is a policeman, and another brother is a craftsman. One of his brothers was studying linguistics, but went to Argentina to find work; the youngest has just finished high school and has applied to teacher's college. Panfilo and his brother attend the Santidad Quaker Church in Achacachi.

In his spare time, Panfilo helps his parents with the cattle and delivers milk by bicycle. He also writes articles and plays soccer. He admires his older brother, who calls him frequently to ask about his activities and motivate him.

Panfilo participates in a great deal of community service and deliberately chose university courses that benefit society. As part of a class project, he created a plan titled "How to change a school into a productive academic institution." His other projects, some developed jointly with others, include:

• An environmental improvement project (that he hopes to present to the ministry).
• A plan for the Quaker radio station.
• Organizational charts for the school and church.
• A proposal reviewing the present school.
• A proposal for development of the Quaker Model School for Cochabamba.
• Memories of the headquarters of the University of Achacachi among 22 students.
• Two pamphlets on interculturality that were submitted to the education ministry.

Panfilo’s future aspirations are to become involved in the ministry of education, the local government and the leadership of the Quaker church. He’s part of a group raising funds to support another scholarship student.