Roberth's Report: His Own Law Books; Adventure And Joy With His Family

Roberth and Dr. Quiroz (Constitutional Law Prof)

Imagine trying to struggle through law school without your own set of textbooks!  Now imagine the joy and relief in finding out that you don't have to, thanks to a generous Friend who believes in education.

Until his BQEF scholarship, Roberth "Reynaldo" Bustos was faced with trying to succeed in his constitutional law class and other tough law courses without the textbooks he needed.  Reynaldo is currently in his second year of law studies at UPEA, the public university in El Alto, and his first year of a BQEF scholarship sponsored by a private donor.

He writes:
I am taking Constitutional Law, which awoke in me personally a great deal of interest.  This subject affected me greatly in the short time I have been in the class...Perhaps it is because I have an excellent teacher for this course who helped me to understand the importance of the subject...what truly fills me with happiness is that, thanks to the help you offer me, I am able to buy the books that I need for this course, the same books that the teacher assigns to me.  My happiness is due to the fact that for the first time since I began my course of study I was able to obtain my own book...

Family Outing and Riverbank Adventure
Reynaldo also gave us a picture of life with his family:
It was a beautiful day when I went with my whole family for an outing to the place where my father had been born...the community of Cullucachi in Los Andes Province. Since one of my Papa's brothers lives there we took advantage of the opportunity to go visit. When we arrived, my brothers and I went immediately to the river that goes around the house of my uncle, after first greeting my aunt and uncle.

Now on the banks of the small river we began to observe the beauty of God's creation. We observed small animals that live in the water. One of my brothers, in order to demonstrate to the younger one the depth of the river, had the idea of taking an empty plastic bottle and putting it into the river, but suddenly the bottle yielded and my brother fell into the river with his arms in the water and his feet on the bank of the river.  I was very frightened and told my little brother "Don't you move.  I will save you!"   He replied, "Hurry because the sand is moving!" 

While I was getting ready to pull him out he said "Something is biting me!"  He grabbed my hand and pulled and we both fell into the river. In this way we were able to prove the depth of the river in an unusual way and we were completely drenched.  At first we were scared but then we were laughing. We stayed most of the day on the bank of the river, waiting for our clothes that we had laid out to dry.  It was a very beautiful time that I spent with my younger brothers ... a marvelous lovely moment that I could tell of the beauties and wonders that God gives to us.

A Sweet Sunday Sibling Surprise

One Sunday morning I woke up very early and happy because God had given me one more day of life.  As I was leaving the house going in the direction of the church, I heard a voice.  It was my little sister Maria saying I am hoping I may accompany you.  In that moment I was flooded with an immense happiness. 

Upon arriving at the church I went to the altar to give thanks to God for having given me one more day of life and for my family. That day was special and different from past Sundays because I was in the church accompanied by my little sister.  My papa had asked permission of the president and pastor of the church for my family to be excused until my mother had given birth and completely recovered. That Sunday my little sister and I sang praises to God and spent a lovely time in the presence of the Lord; I asked God for the [good] health of my mama and of this child that she carries in her belly, so that all together as the big family that we are we may again come to church together to praise God and honor and glorify His name.

    *  Increase my grade average
    * Master satisfactorily all the courses that I am taking this year.
    * Complete the seminars
    * Apply myself more at the university
    * Be an example for my brothers and sisters to follow.
    * Be a help to all my family
    * Motivate my brothers and sisters of the church to be examples of humility.

I am very grateful to God that I am living now and I give thanks every day for the help that you offer me. Thanks to that help I am able to study without worries and apply myself more... 

Roberth Reynaldo Bustos