English Labs & Classes

Teacer Emma Condori, left, with summer English enrichment class students and a co-teacher."Knowledge of English opens doors here in Bolivia. Students need to take this skill with them to the university where so much information is locked within English books, papers, and essays.  English helps in finding work here, from teaching to tourism to business.  Knowledge of English helps immensely with communications and research via the Internet. Furthermore, with the improvement of English skills in the Quaker students in La Paz, we hope to strengthen ties and communication with Quakers in the United States."                      ~ The BQE-Bo English Committee, La Paz

Basic language labs, furnished by BQEF, are used to conduct classes which have increased in frequency from once a week to three times a week. (The long-term goal is five times a week.) Teachers Elena Torrez, Margarita Coaquira, and Elizabeth Lucero meet with English Program Coordinator Emma Condori once a month to offer each other support and guidance, and to report on the students' progress.

Here is what one student wrote recently about what English classes mean for her:

"My name is Claudia Esther Maquera. I study at Emma Canaday Quaker School. I am in the fourth Secondary (equivalent to high school senior), but I have been studying in this school since I was in sixth grade. I like my school because it is a small one so that every body is like a family. And English language is my favourite subject; I have been learning more about it in the English Program that is offered by the Bolivian Quaker Education. These English classes help me to practice speaking and writing a lot.

Next year, I am going to study medicine in a public university, and I am sure that English will be very important for me because I will be able to do researches on the internet where the most information is English. Also some books of medicine are in English, too. What’s more, it is going to be useful for my profession, perhaps I could travel to abroad for convention or workshops.

So I want to thank to all people who have made possible that I could have had more English classes at my school. "

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