Eddie with his Studies

Support Inspires Renewed Determination

Eddy Nelson Nogales Paco studies Aeronautics at the Public University of San Andrés. "My family supports me through ups and downs," Eddy writes. "Whenever I have to stay up late studying, my mom and sisters encourage me. I help with cleaning, washing, and cooking at home." Eddy's best friend through the cold Andean nights is his puppy, Spot.

"I studied hard the week before midterm exams but when I saw my grades I wanted to cry." Mom consoled me, saying: 'Don't give up now. Trust in God and you will see that
everything will be fine.'

I gave my best and I will do better next time, for all the people who believe in me and for myself."

His virtual classes require purchasing data cards in addition to paying for research and other costs. Saturday and late evening classes make his schedule exacting.

These scholar ships have helped Bolivian
Friends make a dramatic difference.

Eddie?s studies are sponsored by Ron Peterson, Fredonia Meeting.

Thanking him, Eddy wrote: "I stumbled. Now I will get up and move on. Your support gives my family and me hope for a better future."

Eddy reports that things are returning to normal in La Paz. COVID cases have dropped, but he is concerned that they will go up as the parties resume.

Eddie with his Studies
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Eddie and Spot

Eddie, Spot and Eddie's Mom

Eddie, Spot and Eddie's Mom

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