Thanks to Your Support, Cinthia is a Vet Now!

Cinthia In Her Surgical Uniform

Cinthia Miriam Calle Chiquipa graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics from the Public University of El Alto last December.

Veterinary Medicine was an expensive major, so her BQEF scholarship was very helpful. In one semester, Cinthia had to buy surgical instruments, medicines, materials, and a surgical uniform.

Cinthia overcame many obstacles in her studies. In her “Surgery Clinic for Small Animals” course, she felt unprepared because they hadn’t been able to perform any surgeries the previous semester. Thankfully, her teacher gave a practical lesson on surgeries, where students were able to observe during one class and perform independent surgeries the next. Cinthia was thankful that the surgeries went well, without complications.

Pandemic restrictions have been loosened but extreme caution is still urged. Cinthia’s family has resumed their normal activities, which leaves her a little lonely as they only return home to rest.

Cinthia and her family are deeply grateful for the BQEF scholarship support which made her success possible. She looks forward to applying her education to help others.