Raquel's Leading for Healing: "The work is very beautiful"

Raquel And Classmates With Neonatology Practice Dolls

Raquel Quisbert Cama is in her third year of studying Medical Technology at the University of San Andrea, with a concentration in Physiotherapy and Kinesiology. Her goal is to help others through working as a physical therapist.

Raquel's classes are a blend of virtual and in-person. This semester she will have practical courses in the hospital. She also hopes to take advantage of seminars and conferences to learn more.

One of her most valuable activities so far was a Neurology practice focusing on Neonatology. Raquel and her classmates learned to care for a newborn since many are born prematurely and need to be attended immediately. The students practiced with dolls, and also with their classmates. It was a bit complicated, but she was able to complete the practices satisfactorily.

Raquel was very happy that she passed all the subjects she took last year, especially difficult subjects like Mechanotherapy, Kinesiotherapy, and Electrotherapy. She wrote, “I passed everything and gained a lot of knowledge. I feel motivated to continue because the major is very beautiful and this year I was able to learn much more about the work that a physical therapist does."

Raquel’s widowed mother works in painting restoration. Her sister Mary Helen Quisbert Cama is currently studying nutrition and diet, also with the help of a BQEF scholarship.

Grateful for her BQEF scholarship, Raquel wrote, “It helped me to be able to continue studying and keep trying. Thanks to that support I was able to buy materials including items for my practices such as hedgehog and peanut balls, round-trip tickets to the university, and lunch or snacks when I couldn’t come home for lunch.”