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Raquel's Leading for Healing: "The work is very beautiful"

Raquel And Classmates With Neonatology Practice Dolls

Raquel Quisbert Cama is in her third year of studying Medical Technology at the University of San Andrea, with a concentration in Physiotherapy and Kinesiology.

Nelly's Language Learning

Nelly And A Masked Classmate

Nelly Poma Challco recently completed her fifth semester studying Linguistics and Languages at UPEA, the public university in El Alto.

Thanks to Your Support, Cinthia is a Vet Now!

Cinthia In Her Surgical Uniform

Cinthia Miriam Calle Chiquipa graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics from the Public University of El Alto last December.

Shortfall Plea


 The Bolivian government has mandated 17% salary increases across the board and other costs have risen as well. Can you chip in extra and early this fall to help us cover the shortfall by making a generous gift today?

Inspired To Keep Trying

Eddie and his Mom with their dog Spot


Eddy Nelson Nogales Paco studies Aeronautics at the Public University of San Andrés. "My family supports me through ups and downs," Eddy writes. "Whenever I have to stay up late studying, my mom and sisters encourage me. I help with cleaning, washing, and cooking at home." Eddy's best friend through the cold Andean nights is his puppy, Spot.

"I studied hard the week before midterm exams but when I saw my grades I wanted to cry." Mom consoled me, saying: 'Don't give up now. Trust in God and you will see that everything will be fine.'

I gave my best and I will do better next time, for all the people who believe in me and for myself."

His virtual classes require purchasing data cards in addition to paying for research and other costs. Saturday and late evening classes make his schedule exacting.

These scholarships have helped Bolivian

Friends make a dramatic difference.

Strategic Giving



You can direct up to $100,000 per year tax-free from your IRA account to BQEF if you are over 70½ years old. This strategy can eliminate or reduce taxes on Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA.
Contact your IRA custodian and request a direct transfer to:
Bolivian Quaker Education Fund
65 Spring St.         Fredonia, NY 14063          Tax ID 11-3650879

From Durango For Dahlia: Support Helps A Teacher Prepare

Dahlia's Classroom

Dahlia Vilca Flores studies at the Warisata Teachers College, where she is also class president. Even though she was sick with laryngitis for two weeks, she was successful in her academic activities. “My voice dried up and I couldn't participate.”
Dahlia was student teaching when the pandemic worsened and her class of second-graders had to move to online learning with the rest of the school. Dahlia and the other teachers developed special distance learning materials for the students and recorded the virtual classes for the students to review later.

Twentieth Anniversary Virtual Quaker Study Tour

La Paz & Huayna Potosi


Come visit with our Bolivian students, graduates and staff on our Virtual Quaker Study Tour in honor of our twentieth anniversary.  We’ve asked them to give an overview of three aspects life in Bolivia: the struggle for education to overcome poverty, the effects of climate change in Bolivia, and the student experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Join BQEF supporters from around the world for three sessions:

July 11th 7 p.m. EST.  BQEF and AVP leaders talk of The Founding, Development, and Fruits of BQEF, starting with Newton Garver and Bernabe Yujra’s  efforts to overcome family poverty with education. 

Tania, Gabi, Rossio, and Jonathan

Tania At A Remote Health Center

Our Spring 2021 Newsletter is attached in pdf format. We hope you'll read these stories about our inspiring students and their struggles and successes amidst the even greater challenges of the continuing pandemic. (People are *just* starting to be able to access vaccinations in Bolivia, and the going is slow.)

Be well, f/Friends.


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