Seeding the Altiplano with trees? Rubén and the eucalyptus project

Rubén Hilari in NY, Aug. 2008

UPDATE: Ruben writes that they separated the seedlings out into the bags with the help of people in the village, and have given away about 2,000 seedlings. They need to see how the newly-transplanted seedlings will fare over winter. There are also some seeds left over, for additional starts next year.


"God Poured a Bucketful of Blessings", Part II: Esther's work with the Internado students

Esther during an interview in La Paz, February 2009

Esther Tinco Mamani, whom you may know from her video, has been visiting the Internado in Sorata, working with the students on planting vegetables and tending the expanded organic garden.The newly expanded Internado garden, at 8,000 feet

Some of the "internos" have since expressed an interest in learning about farm management.  Esther has also been talking with those who are about to graduate, encouraging them to prepare for and apply to university.

Deysi Ramirez named principal of Los Amigos Upper School

Deysi Ramirez

Deysi is the first female, and the first Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitator, to hold such position in a Bolivian Quaker School. Some of you may recognize Deysi as a member of the BQE-Bo Scholarship Committee, as well as an AVP committee member. Deysi also serves on the BQE-Bo General Education Committee. Congratulations, Deysi, and thanks for all the good work!

Gardening with Internos - Esther's Powerpoint (4 MB file)

The newly planted garden, elevation 8,000+ feet.

View Esther's report on her work with the Internado students, planting their new, larger garden and working with them on envisioning their future.

Use These Values in Our Daily Lives: Notes from An Update Interview with Alicia and Ruben

Sara Mamani Tito, center, enjoys an Andina lunch break with fellow Quaker Education Workshop participants

Notes from a Skype call with Alicia and Rubén, 11-12-09

RH: These kinds of activities (Quaker Education Workshops) were really important for people who are involved w/the English pgm for the Quaker schools, and for friends and colleagues who share our concern for using Quaker values, for teaching in the schools using Quaker methods.  Our internships in the US will help with this work.


New First Day School Lesson and Other Opportunities to Get Acquainted with Bolivian Friends

Students at the Manantial Quaker school in Batallas

We have a new first day school lesson available for 4th grade and up.  The complete lesson includes stories (see Lesson Plan), a slide show, videos, and a booklet. Please forward the links or download and print the materials to share with your First Day School committee.  We hope you enjoy this new opportunity for getting to know Bolivian Friends better, and we welcome your feedback on the materials and how they might have led students and others to find ways to connect with Friends in Bolivia.

Conflict & Community: Jorge's Full Epistle

Jorge Arauz and Mari Moreina with 3 new AVP facilitator trainees

"Just tell them you love them. And tell them what you brought back, what you learned in your meeting."

 Below is the full text, translated, of Jorge Aráuz's message to AVP community leaders in Bolivia.


Julio 25, 2009

Hermanos y hermanas queridas del PAV en Bolivia:

Que Dios les bendiga, y que su luz inmensa ilumine sus corazones, y encuentre en ellos espacio amplio, como la luz del sol, cuando llega a la faz de la tierra cada mañana.

"God Poured A Bucketful of Blessings", Part I: Esther Tinco Mamani's interview (video)

Esther Tinco Mamani

Watch as Esther Tinco Mamani talks about pursuing her degree in agronomical engineering - a profession she was told she should avoid because it was a "man's job." She says the BQEF scholarship was "like God poured a bucketful of blessings on her." The interview was recorded on February 28, 2009, at Colegio Los Amigos in La Paz.  Esther's witness is a vibrant example of what a difference your support is making!

Surprise and Delight: Mutual Learning among Bolivian Quaker Interns and Friends in the U.S.


When an FWCC veteran heard that a young Bolivian Friend was visiting the 2009 sessions of New England Yearly Meeting, her first reaction was to regret that NEYM did not have translators in place.  But Rubén Hilare did not need translators, neither for conversations nor for his presentation at an interest group.  All went smoothly in English, and 16 Friends came to learn more about Bolivia on an evening when there were a dozen simultaneous interest groups.

An Alternative Vacation: Sharing Real Wealth

Removing small trees with their roots, digging a 32 foot trench, and wire-brushing mold off stucco may not be everyone’s choice of a vacation, but for the 9 of us in the first Quaker Community Service Tour to Bolivia, it was a rewarding and gratifying experience.
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