Relishing Bolivian Foods

Sara Mamani Tito, center, enjoys an Andina lunch break with fellow Quaker Education Workshop participants

K'ispina, cucumber salad, quinoa salad and more: download the Bolivian foods pamphlet by clicking on the link below

Education Grads Submit Multi-Culturalism Pamphlet to Bolivian National Education Department

Multi-Culturalism Pamphlet Cover

Pánfilo Chura Aliaga (now preparing his thesis, with scholarship support from BQEF) and Rosemery Mamani Mamani (Education Sciences graduate and former scholarship student), co-wrote “Inter-Culturalism as a Complementary Construction”, a pamphlet they have submitted to the Bolivian National Education Department for review and use. The pamphlet topic is intended for the country’s new educational initiatives and is an academic discussion of one of the big themes in Bolivia today: how do you work together effectively in a country where there are so many cultures?

Ex-becarios form group to sponsor student


Rebeca Tintaya, Alicia, Rubén, and some of the other ex-becarios are working together to sponsor a scholarship  student. They tell us there is a real sense of the value of the becas (scholarships), and that people are very, very happy to have had that opportunity to transform lives - their own, their families, and others. 

Jaqi-aru: “Voice of the People”, an Aymara virtual community

Los Arcos

Alicia and Rubén are also working on a virtual Aymara community, which can be found at  Jaqi-aru means “voice of the people” in Aymara, and was the native language before Aymara and Quechua, similar to Latin as a predecessor to Spanish.

The goal of this project is to spread the Aymara language more widely. The project is affiliated with  There are over 40 articles translated into Aymara at the Global Voices website:

Two of the current scholarship students who are studying linguistics, Martin Canaviri and Mariza Quispe,  are helping with writing comments and posting photos. 

Some of those active in the project attended Evo’s inaugauration at Tiwanaku in January, and posted a write-up afterwards at the Global Voices website. They’ve also translated an article on the melting of the glaciers in Bolivia.

Seeding the Altiplano with trees? Rubén and the eucalyptus project

Rubén Hilari in NY, Aug. 2008

UPDATE: Ruben writes that they separated the seedlings out into the bags with the help of people in the village, and have given away about 2,000 seedlings. They need to see how the newly-transplanted seedlings will fare over winter. There are also some seeds left over, for additional starts next year.


"God Poured a Bucketful of Blessings", Part II: Esther's work with the Internado students

Esther during an interview in La Paz, February 2009

Esther Tinco Mamani, whom you may know from her video, has been visiting the Internado in Sorata, working with the students on planting vegetables and tending the expanded organic garden.The newly expanded Internado garden, at 8,000 feet

Some of the "internos" have since expressed an interest in learning about farm management.  Esther has also been talking with those who are about to graduate, encouraging them to prepare for and apply to university.

Deysi Ramirez named principal of Los Amigos Upper School

Deysi Ramirez

Deysi is the first female, and the first Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitator, to hold such position in a Bolivian Quaker School. Some of you may recognize Deysi as a member of the BQE-Bo Scholarship Committee, as well as an AVP committee member. Deysi also serves on the BQE-Bo General Education Committee. Congratulations, Deysi, and thanks for all the good work!

Gardening with Internos - Esther's Powerpoint (4 MB file)

The newly planted garden, elevation 8,000+ feet.

View Esther's report on her work with the Internado students, planting their new, larger garden and working with them on envisioning their future.

Use These Values in Our Daily Lives: Notes from An Update Interview with Alicia and Ruben

Sara Mamani Tito, center, enjoys an Andina lunch break with fellow Quaker Education Workshop participants

Notes from a Skype call with Alicia and Rubén, 11-12-09

RH: These kinds of activities (Quaker Education Workshops) were really important for people who are involved w/the English pgm for the Quaker schools, and for friends and colleagues who share our concern for using Quaker values, for teaching in the schools using Quaker methods.  Our internships in the US will help with this work.


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