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My Visit and Impressions in England and Wales (Spanish)

Cintya, Ruben and Hilary in Pales


Ronald Huanca Quispe, Sorata Chess Champ

Ronald and Richard playing chess

Ronald, 18, speaks Aymara and is in his final year at the “General Enrique Penaranda” public high school. He is one of the brightest students at the Internado in Sorata. Ronald is from a community on the altiplano called Cocoyo, which is four hours by car from Sorata.  Buses only run on Saturday and Sunday, so he goes home just one or two times per year. His father works in a cooperative gold mine near Cocoyo, and his mother farms. On school vacations, Ronald works in the mine with his father.

This Term Was so Fast, Ruben

It has been really interesting to see each experience everyday. By this blog I will sum some important events during this term.
- Jan 5, faculty meeting. All the faculties got together in order to check the grades and progresses of each student.
- Jan 6, the classes resumed.
- Jan 9, There was Youth Alumni Meeting. Students who graduated 5 years ago until last year got together.
- Jan 15, We looked for the bolivian food recipes.




Before one week for Christmas it snowed and the classes was cancelled.

We know that Christmas is an important business activity for many capitalist countries, so this Christamas was no so good for many families because the aconomy of this country.

My first term in Oakwood Friends School, for friends who are interested to know What I am doing here. Ruben


First of all I am so thankful to Our God and friends (BQEF&BQE-BO) who supported and worked and still doing a lot of for my internship.

The Fun and Significant Week - Ruben, 10-27-08


The campus had signs made by students that asked if you have demonstrated the spirit of love to your school. To which, all came Monday dressed in pajamas. On Tuesday, they dressed in FORMAL WEAR. Wednesday was the opposite day,  then had to turn clothes around to the opposite. Thursday was the day of the twins, or to wear the same clothes as a best friend. Friday was BLUE AND WHITE day, everyone had to wear something of those colors.

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