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Abraham Rudy Camargo Apaza

UPDATE: Abraham has graduated. Please check back for updated information.

Abraham Rudy Camargo Apaza, 21,is in his second year of studying Agronomy at the Caquiaviri Institution of Agriculture and Technology, where he has 3 more years to go.
Abraham was born in Sorata, Larecaja, in the Department of La Paz, where he currently lives. Abraham's parents also live in Sorata, where his father is a tailor and his mother is a homemaker. Bernabé writes that Abraham has a great desire to study.

Abraham's studies have been sponsored by a private donor from Chapel Hill Meeting.

Abraham Rudy Camargo ApazaAbraham Rudy Camargo Apaza
Alicia Lucasi

Alicia graduated in 2007 with a degree in Educational Sciences from UPEA and went to work in the administrative offices of Colegio Max Paredes. For the 2009-2009 school year Alicia interned at Carolina Friends School in North Carolina .
Born in the City of La Paz, Alicia is the only child of her parents, Dianasio and Julia, who have a small farm in the Altiplano and also reside in the "Franz Tomayo” district of El Alto. Her father is a pastor of a large INELA church in El Alto.
Alicia continuied working for BQE-Bo when she returned from the US in 2009. During 2010 she became co-director of the student residence in sorata, and in 2011 she took over as the director. She is now married and divides her time between sorata and La Paz.

Alicia LucasiAlicia Lucasi
Ana Callisaya

"I was all ready to begin my university studies, but then my father lost his job and told me that he could no longer afford to pay my fees. I was devastated, because I counted on being able to improve myself and help my family. Then hermano Bernabé told us of the possibility of a scholarship. I could hardly believe it. It seemed like a miracle."

Ana finished her Dentistry studies at UMSA in 2005 and went to work in a municipal government's medical center in Inquisive province. As a becaria, Ana wrote that she particularly needed the scholarship because of the clinical and laboratory work required in dentistry studies. The middle of three daughters of Victor and Luisa, Ana is a member of INELA yearly meeting.

Ana CallisayaAna Callisaya
Beatriz Apaza Condori

Beatriz graduated in August 2008 with a degree in Systems Engineering from the Salesian University of Bolivia.

During a chat with a visiting Friend, Beatriz had this to say about her hopes and dreams:

I chose this study because I really wanted to understand technology and programs...My dream was to have a profession, now I’m achieving that with the BQE. Now that I’m managing that, I hope to continue improving my knowledge and working in the church and in my profession. When I was young, three years old to be exact, my father was a missionary in Peru for five years. In 1995 my mother died. I have four older sisters, I’m the baby, and all of them are married."

Beatriz Apaza CondoriBeatriz Apaza Condori
Benito Jallurana

Benito completed his degree in alternative education with a specialty in rural internado administration, at the Catholic University of Bolivia in North Yungas in 2006. He currently works part-time as the administrator of the Internado de Pallcapampa in Sorata. This Internado is the fulfillment of a dream for Benito, who used to spend 3 1/2 hours a day walking to and from the high school in Sorata. During his first year of scholarship he developed a plan to have a dormitory in town for students from his community. One could see already his initiative for solving problems in order to ease the lives of others.

Benito JalluranaBenito Jallurana
Benjamin Yanarico Cahuana

UPDATE: Benjamin graduated with his degree in Agricultural Engineering from UMSA this June. During their field work, Benjamin and his classmates learned to excavate the soil to see the layers or phases that the soil has in the country, with the goal of recognizing the different layers in the Bolivian soil. The sampling pits were done in the valleys, tropics, and high plateau of the Department of La Paz.


Benjamin is in his last of ten semesters studying Agricultural Engineering at UMSA. He was inspired to study agriculture to help improve the productivity in his community. His favorite subject is Irrigation, because water is a vital - and diminishing - resource in the area.

Benjamin Yanarico CahuanaBenjamin Yanarico Cahuana
Carlos David Larico Khara

UPDATE: Carlos has graduated. Please check back soon for updated information about his efforts.

Carlos is in his last of 5 years studying dentistry at UMSA, and is now working on his thesis. "I grew up in Santidad Amigos; I studied in Quaker schools. My family was very sick, my mother and my cousins. For this reason it was clear that God’s will was for me to help people. I want to do surgery, also to study theology to be fluent in the Bible. I have lots of plans for helping people."
Carlos is one of the four former and current scholarship students who have volunteered for the Medical/Dental program they initiated. He is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Carlos' studies have been sponsored by Little Rock Monthly Meeting.

Carlos David Larico KharaCarlos David Larico Khara
Carolina Contreras Roca

UPDATE: Carolina has completed her studies and graduated as a teacher of "Expression and Creativity in Music".
Carolina is in her 6th semester studying Technology and Practical Knowledge in the Mariscal Andres of Santa Cruz Calahumana Teacher's College in La Paz. During practice teaching, Carolina worked in a school that uses traditional teaching methods. She used a hands-on approach to engage the children in learning activities, which was well received. Carolina’s favorite course was "Education for the Home” in which they learned weaving and knitting.

Carolina Contreras RocaCarolina Contreras Roca
Carolina Ticona

After she obtained her nursing license from UMSA in May of 2007, Carolina went to work as a nurse in Amacari medical center in the town of Desaguadero in the Ingavi province.

When Carolina was graduating, she wrote to us (translated by Jane Simkin):

First, may you receive a cordial greeting, wishing always that this finds you well and that God may bless you in your lives and in the work that you carry out day to day.

Carolina TiconaCarolina Ticona
Claribel Chipana Karita

Claribel finished her political science studies at UMSA in June 2008 and went on to defend her thesis. After her defense she graduated as a lawyer. Bernabé writes: "It is a very important achievement for her future life, she goes to the purpose of exercising her profession freely."
An AVP participant, Claribel is a member of INELA.

Claribel Chipana KaritaClaribel Chipana Karita
Crispín Copa Flores

UPDATE: Crispin has graduated. Please check back soon for updates about his efforts.

Crispín Copa FloresCrispín Copa Flores
Damaso Choque Yupangui

UPDATE: Dámaso has finished his degree and has graduated with a degree in Musical Expression and Creativity.
Damaso is completing his 6th semester studying "Expression and Creativity" in the School of Music at the Warisata Teacher's College. He enjoyed student teaching in Ancoraimes School because he overcame his fear of teaching and worked with a two voice chorus with 8th grade students. Through his teaching, Damaso has developed leadership skills.

Damaso Choque YupanguiDamaso Choque Yupangui
Edwin Quispe Arratia

UPDATE,05-05-09: Edwin has completed his law degree (which he says he could not have done without the scholarship support) and is now working in the Bolivian government's Office of Justice. This is an example of the sort of professional positions where Bolivian Quakers can influence events in their nation in a positive way.

Edwin Quispe ArratiaEdwin Quispe Arratia
Elias Villca Hilario

Elias Villca Hilario graduated in 2006 with a degree in Industrial Agriculture from Bolivian Catholic University in Batallas. He works administering a trout project in Los Andes province near Suriquiña, and is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Elias Villca HilarioElias Villca Hilario
Emma Condori

Emma finished her education degree in La Paz and continued teaching, serving in her church, and working with BQEF. She joined the QUIP youth book project editorial board, and attended FWCC translation workshops for interpreters.
Emma is currently a student at Earlham School of Religion, in their Masters of Divinity program. She will spend some time this summer traveling and visiting among Friends in the U.S. to tell them about Friends in Bolivia. Look for her at FGC's Gathering, Illinois Yearly Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting, and other Friends gatherings.
We still could go on glowingly about her for ages.

We could go on - glowingly - about Emma for ages, but she's very modest and we would not want to embarass her.

Emma CondoriEmma Condori
Emma Flores Quispe

UPDATE: Emma has graduated. Please check back soon for updates about her efforts.

Emma, 24, is in her 4th of 6 semesters, studying Mathematics Education at the Adventist teacher’s college, “CCBA”, in Cochabamba. Emma lives in Villa Tunari and is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Emma Flores QuispeEmma Flores Quispe
Emma Quispe family celebrationEmma Quispe family celebrationEmma Quispe family celebration
Emma Quispe helping GrandparentsEmma Quispe helping GrandparentsEmma Quispe helping Grandparents
Emma Quispe MamaniEmma Quispe MamaniEmma Quispe Mamani
Esperanza Llanqui Cutipa

Esperanza finished her studies as a primary school teacher in 2006 and is now working in a rural area teaching fifth grade. She is a member of INELA.

Esperanza Llanqui CutipaEsperanza Llanqui Cutipa