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Abigail Ajhuacho Lopez

Abigail is in her 4th semester at the Adventist Teacher’s College in Cochabamba, where she studies full time to be a mathematics teacher. It takes three different buses for her to get to school each day, where her favorite classes are trigonometry, algebra and calculus. Abigail‘s biggest success so far has been mastering the challenge of Calculus I. She aspires to finish her current studies and go on to get a university degree in mathematics.

Abigail is the oldest of six brothers and sisters and the first to attend college. In her free time she helps her parents, who sell the large, multi-tiered skirts traditionally worn by Aymara women in the Andes. Abigail also plays soccer and basketball. She and her family are members of the “Los Amigos” Church.

Abigail Ajhuacho LopezAbigail Ajhuacho Lopez
Alan Javier Tito Patty

Alan is in his 4th year of Social Communication studies at UMSA (University of San Andres).

Born in La Paz, Alan is a member of INELA Yearly Meeting and has attended Nueva Esperanza Church since he was 14.

His father is a taxi driver and his mother is a homemaker. Alan has two siblings, one of whom is already practicing their profession; the other is a high school student.

To find out how you or your meeting can support Alan's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

Alan Javier Tito PattyAlan Javier Tito Patty
Alvaro Mamani Mamani

Alvara is studying mathematics at the Warisata Normal School (teacher's college). He chose this career because he enjoys working with numbers and also likes to teach children and youth.

Alvaro lives in the town of Achacachi with his parents and four sisters and four brothers. His siblings are all either at school or in college. His father is a shoemaker and part-time mathematics teacher at the Achacachi Friends School, one of the Santidad schools.

In his spare time Alvara helps with his father's shoe shop, and is very active in his church. His entire family is a member of the Achacachi Santidad Church. Alvara serves as a children’s Sunday school teacher, the music Superintendent, and vice-president of young people.

Alvaro has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010.

Alvaro Mamani MamaniAlvaro Mamani Mamani

"Ani" - 2015 scholarship Anahi Ticona Serrano and her generous smile.

Ani and Charlotte

Charlotte Blair, left, and Ani Ticona Serrano. The two became fast friends during Charlotte's stay with Ani's family, while Charlotte was volunteering for BQEF in December 2014.

Ani and CharlotteAni and Charlotte
Ani and her brother with the bride and groom

Ani and her brother Jonathan with the bride and groom.

Ani and her brother with the bride and groomAni and her brother with the bride and groom
Ani and her mother JuanaAni and her mother JuanaAni and her mother Juana
Ani and Her Project Partner in the Library

Ani, left, and her Castilian language research project partner in the library at their university.

Ani and Her Project Partner in the LibraryAni and Her Project Partner in the Library
Ani Shaping Bunuelos

Ani Ticona shaping bunuelos for a church youth group fundraiser, to support a young adult friend with medical needs.

Ani Shaping BunuelosAni Shaping Bunuelos
Ani's Youth Group Barbeque

Ani Ticona Serrano, left, and some of her youth group enjoy a barbeque.

Ani's Youth Group BarbequeAni's Youth Group Barbeque
Cinthia Examining a CalfCinthia Examining a CalfCinthia Examining a Calf
Cinthia In Her Surgical UniformCinthia In Her Surgical UniformCinthia In Her Surgical Uniform
Danny Quispe Condori

Danny is in her 3rd year of Nursing at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA). She chose this career because she loves showing kindness while helping and caring for sick people. She enjoys the practicums her studies require, and is in the laboratory every morning and in the classroom for lectures most afternoons.

Danny Quispe CondoriDanny Quispe Condori
Eddie and his Mom with their dog SpotEddie and his Mom with their dog SpotEddie and his Mom with their dog Spot
Eddie Raul Huallpa Mamani

As a young child, Eddie was fascinated by how things worked, and his favorite subjects were mathematics and physics. Currently Eddie is in his 6th semester at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés studying Telecommunications and Electronics.

As a technician for Channel 5, Eddie helped the station repair wiring and improve the digital signal. He also helped to repair or upgrade wiring for neighbors, relatives and friends.

Eddie has 1 brother and 1 sister. His father is a carpenter, and is also Secretary of the Board of INELA. His mother has a small business, and they are all members of the National Evangelical Friends Church INELA. In his spare time Eddie plays organ, guitar, charango, bass, violin and mandolin. He began a music ministry program at his church.

Eddie Raul Huallpa MamaniEddie Raul Huallpa Mamani
Elizabeth Mamani Mamani

From childhood, Elizabeth has enjoyed helping her friends and other people with wounds. She is now finishing her fifth year of Nursing Studies at UPEA, where her favorite course so far has been Anatomy because she learned how the human body functions. Elizabeth is especially interested in women's health issues, particularly prenatal care and childbirth.

Elizabeth Mamani MamaniElizabeth Mamani Mamani
Fany Lucia Huanca Quispe

Fany is in her fourth semester studying tourism at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés). She chose this field because she enjoys learning new languages.

Fany is the second youngest in her family. She has 1 brother and 3 older sisters. Her two sisters provide some economic assistance with her education. Her father, a former mechanic, now owns his own minibus taxi. In her spare time, Fany works with her father as a minibus assistant to earn money to cover some of her expenses. Her mother died when she was 1 year old.

She has been a member of Santidad Amigos Yearly Meeting since her uncle took her to a meeting when she was 6 years old. She attends with her 2 sisters.

Fany has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010). Her studies are sponsored by First Friends Greensboro.

Fany Lucia Huanca QuispeFany Lucia Huanca Quispe
Feyrrer Pairo Quispe

Inspired by his father's work in construction and motivated by his older brother's example, Feyrrer is now in his 5th year studying Architecture at the UMSA. His favorite course was Representation and Expression, because it included analysis of perspectives and training in a variety of techniques. Another favorite class was Morphology, which dealt with architectural forms and innovations.

As part of his studies, Feyrrer participated in a project designing a multifunctional room for the Friends Central Church of Obrajes. He also organized a talent night to raise funds for the children in the community at Christmas.

In his free time, Feyrrer edits videos. Feyrrer tells us he also looks for new things, new ideas, and applies them.

Feyrrer Pairo QuispeFeyrrer Pairo Quispe
Gabriela Valencia Molina

Gabriela is studying Psychology at the University of Saint Francis of Assisi.

She has 1 sister and 1 brother; both are studying in college. Her father was formerly a merchant, but is now disabled and unable to work. Gabriela works on weekends to cover some of her college expenses, but has no other financial support.

Gabriela was inspired to study psychology because she is very outgoing and enjoys listening to people. She has been a member of the National Evangelical Friends Church for 5 years, having been introduced by Sr. Cecilia Paco.

Gabriela has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010. To find out how you or your meeting can support Gabriela's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

Gabriela Valencia MolinaGabriela Valencia Molina