Benjamin Yanarico Cahuana

Benjamin Yanarico Cahuana

UPDATE: Benjamin graduated with his degree in Agricultural Engineering from UMSA this June. During their field work, Benjamin and his classmates learned to excavate the soil to see the layers or phases that the soil has in the country, with the goal of recognizing the different layers in the Bolivian soil. The sampling pits were done in the valleys, tropics, and high plateau of the Department of La Paz.


Benjamin is in his last of ten semesters studying Agricultural Engineering at UMSA. He was inspired to study agriculture to help improve the productivity in his community. His favorite subject is Irrigation, because water is a vital - and diminishing - resource in the area.

Benjamín has been actively involved in community projects. He assisted in a project to improve municipal, prefectural, and social organization management in Atachuallpani. He also spent 6 months in 2009 helping a family of 7 with their crops, using natural methods to eliminate an aphid infestation.

Benjamín plans to share the knowledge he has learned with others in his community so that people know there are more possibilities. He wants to raise pigs and chickens and develop breeding facilities, and improve irrigation on the farm so he can produce flowers and vegetables.

Benjamin’s family comes from the Larecaja province. His father is 65 years old and his mother is 60 years old. His parents were keepers of an evangelical church, but both are now in poor health. Benjamín has 7 siblings, and the family lives in a house in Villa Adela Yonguyo that was purchased by his older sister. In his free time, Benjamin works with his brother to earn money to cover the family’s expenses. He is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Benjamin has had a BQEF scholarship since 2006.