Crispín Copa Flores

Crispín Copa Flores

UPDATE: Crispin has graduated. Please check back soon for updates about his efforts.

Crispín is in his 4th of 10 semesters, studying Administration at UPEA. "Since I was a child I lived in the (Karhuiza) province of Los Andes where I studied in high school and lived with my family. My mother was always sick, since before I was born she got sick a lot. When I was in high school my father also got really sick almost to the point of death, but thanks to God it didn’t go that far, he had an operation and started to get better, but couldn’t work. Since I was a child my family supported me a lot, from all sides to study. When I came to El Alto I started working because I didn’t have enough to study. My father moved to El Alto to join me, and in that time UPEA started to offer classes. I felt like I had two options, either administration or mathematics. It so happened that the department of business administration had openings and my father told me that I could go if I wanted. I have always also liked managing groups of people, being involved with the people.

After I finish school, I want to start my own organization to work with people and the society, but also to work with the churches to talk about how to administer funds and to offer workshops for others in the church to give them some orientation to the world of work and money. In this manner of sharing and discussing the world and my knowledge I think that I could really help them understand a lot.

I also want to thank the people who make the scholarship possible, and who help us. It is of a great help to me, perhaps without it I wouldn’t have been able to do my studies so thoroughly. Now I can buy office stuff and books. I use to have to work and run to the Internet café to finish my studies, but now I have more time to really dive in to look for more information and get more out of it. So for this I want to thank them."

Crispín is a member of INELA Yearly Meeting.