Rebeca Tintaya Villavicencio

Rebeca Tintaya Villavicencio

UPDATE,04-08-10: Rebeca writes that she has finished her studies and is now working as a Computer Sciences teacher in the schools. She also tells us that in college she won first prize in an expo with her project called "Control System for Educational Assistance". Her graduate project was a library management system with web interface, designed for the Central Library of UPEA, the public university in El Alto. The project goal is to enable locating and checking out books from the library via the web.
Rebeca, 25, is in her 8th of 10 semesters, studying Systems Engineering at the Public University of El Alto. Rebeca is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Born in the city of La Paz, Rebeca lives with her siblings in El Alto. When she finishes her studies she wants to work to help her family and the schools of Santidad, teaching computer skills.

"I born in the country, and it was there that I finished my schooling. Then I moved to La Paz and it was here that I started to study. My parents didn’t have the money to help me, we are six siblings, and we all want to study. I have always felt the lack of money. I have always gone to the church, my father is a pastor, and all of my family is Christian. We all moved together to El Alto. We were living in another zone of the city, but there was a little problem. We have always had problems of money, and we have had to move a lot. We try to follow God’s leading and that sometimes leads us to not having enough money. I have always really believed in God…

I have always wanted to know about computers, how to use them and how to draw and play on the computer. Normally the people who have computers are only the rich people, and I wanted to know how to use one. I want to see how we can use technology to help people to solve problems, that’s the idea. It’s enchanting - the department (major), to really get to know how to use so many different programs and control the world of technology.

I want to be the best I can be, to leave the university with a solid knowledge of the field. More than anything I want to work with systems to help do filing, and to upgrade the way that we work in this country, in a university or something like that.

One of my dreams is to help my family, to change the way that we live, in the church to help and share what I know; to support them with the money that I hope to make. I would like to have a company, frankly, to share this knowledge with society. I would like for my church [to] improve. I would like to see a university within the university, more sharing of knowledge and sharing from the older folks...I would like to give some workshops in the church about how to use computers, and maybe do English classes.

I want to thank the brothers and sisters from who have helped me with the scholarship. May God bless those who have been helping me and may his strength manifest in their lives."

Rebeca's studies are supported by a 4-year sponsorship from Lisburn Preparative Meeting, Ireland.