Miguel Torre Sanga

Miguel Torre Sanga

UPDATE: Miguel has graduated. Please check back for updates on his efforts.

Miguel, 26, is in his 4th of 5 years of Computer Science and Telecommunications studies at the University of San Andrés. His parents came from the Altiplano, they moved to El Alto because there wasn’t a way of life in their town.

“My father had a large debt and I started to work mornings while in high school to help to pay it off. I started university after high school, but had to leave to work and sustain my family…I worked sixteen hour days at a fabric factory.” He made 500 bs a month while there (about $60) and tells of how dangerous it was, of the lack of industrial safety in his country. “When I got the scholarship I was able to leave work and start studying… When I left work I also started to organize the youth in my church, I’m now the president of the youth in my church.”

He says of his chosen field “It is where there is more impact, more possibilities. My church doesn’t really use any technology so it’s also to help innovate in the church…My dream completed would be to teach here (Colegio Emmanuel) and in the church. To help for free…I also went to school here. Secondly I dream to have a consulting firm of computation and databases. Another would be to work in telecommunications if the consulting firm falls through…There are few people who are fortunate enough to study like I am doing. There are many people who don’t eat so they can have enough to pay for a better school.”

Miguel is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.