Wilder Condori Pillco

Wilder Condori Pillco

Wilder is in his 4th semester studying Industrial Mechanics in the Pedro Domingo Murillo Industrial School, in La Paz. His favorite course is Workshop because it offers practical knowledge that he can use to help people. He enjoys the interactive relationship with his instructors because each one has to continually develop themselves and everyone learns. When finished with his education, Wilder wants to design a wheelchair for his uncle, who has a foot ailment.

Wilder has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He and his older brother live with their mother in a rented house. His mother, Hilaria Pillco, is a member of the Gregorio Artesans, a highly skilled craft shop. His father has passed away.

In his free time Wilder likes to write, think and play musical instruments and on the weekends he spends time with the young people of his church. His family is a member of Santidad Yearly Meeting.

Wilder has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008. His studies are sponsored by a private donor.

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