Newsletter #8, May 2007

Loida Cutipa

From Our Scholarship Students...
Loida Cutipa, March 28: May you have a lovely day and may God bless your lives and your work that you carry out day today…My studies this semester cost $340 (US) and I receive $250 (US) from the scholarship …I work cleaning the institution in order to complete my payment and my expenses for food and other expenses for studying.
Rebeca Tintaya, November: At the moment you would find me in the office of BQEF Bolivia where my companions and I are gathered. I am here to receive the scholarship that I use for the expenses of my university studies. The faces of my companions are also seen to be very contented because of receiving the scholarship money….Many thanks …and I promise to study full time.
Victor Hugo Quisbert Hilario: I am studying … architecture...The scholarship that I receive monthly helps me a lot with my academic studies at the University...Before receiving this benefit it was very difficult to attend seminars, buy books and materials for scale models and many things.

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