Emma's English Classes report, September 2008


The English Program Teachers:     Three teachers participate in the BQEF English Program - Elena Torrez, Margarita Coaquira, and Elizabeth Lucero. We meet once a month to share and discuss how the English classes are going at the three Quaker Schools. Teacher Elena usually has a lot to share about her classes at Los Amigos Quaker High School. She is in charge of all 12 English classes weekly, which is a very demanding and interesting work for her. In each class of the four secondary levels (9th through 12th grades,) she has over twenty-five students. She holds these classes at the English lab which was installed BQEF's help. In contrast, teacher Margarita, who works at Emma Canaday Quaker High School, only has ten to fifteen students in each secondary level class.  Margarita loves to share experiences, and exchange ideas and advice about teaching English. Teacher Elizabeth, who teaches at Emmanuel Quaker High School, has some unique difficulties with her students as they have lots of absences from her classes. It is very helpful to be able to discuss the situation and potential solutions with the other English teachers. The English teachers involved with the BQEF program work together as a supportive team.

English Program Coordinator and teacher Emma Condori with a summer enrichment class. Emma was applying techniques gained at one of the professional conferences she attended.Last July, teacher Elena, teacher Elizabeth, and myself, attended the 10th annual ALBA (Association Bi-national Centers of Latin America) Teachers’ Convention, which was held in Santa Cruz-Bolivia. During three day the convention we attended interesting and important workshops: Improving the quality of reading instruction, Peer observation for Professional Development, TPR Storytelling, Measuring success in English –TOFEL(R)-TOEIC(R), and A Small Scale Study in English Test Validation. Most of them were presented by International Speakers, who approached their topics with an emphasis on technology in the English classroom. There was also an interesting ExpoALBA, where we saw Presentations from some US universities, educational companies and publishing houses. Attending this convention reinforced not only how to improve our English classes in the process of teaching and learning, but it also reinforced our own English practice. The convention was conducted in English by native speakers, and thus we were fully immersed in the language at a high level.


This year, thanks to the interest of students, parents, and school administration, the English Program began with a new vision and mission. In the three Quaker High Schools 95% of the students now participate in this program as opposed to 45-50% participation in 2006/2007. Now that the students have English classes three times a week, their level of mastery has been improving. So far we have evaluated the program as a success.

On September 6th the English Program held a Talent Show Event 2008 for its participants from the three Quaker High Schools. The event had three categories: poetry, music, and drama, all in English. The students each chose the category that they liked most. The event helped to solidify the English level of the students. It was wonderful for the students to practice the language within a larger context. They really put their hearts and souls into it. The teachers and students all worked very hard and made it the most wonderful and interesting Talent Show Event that we have ever had. All the students and teachers as well as the administrators are very happy and proud.  It was very important to bring together the English Programs from all three schools.  

We, (Bernabe and I,) believe that the administrators of the three schools recognize the positive results of the English Program. For instance, at Los Amigos High School the program has developed into one of the central academic subjects. All the students make sure to have their English books and they attend all the classes. Even the parents have a commitment to support this program. And the other two school communities consider the English Program as the main tool for the students’ success in the future. Thus, this program is getting bigger and more important for all of us.

Emma Condori M.
English Program BQE Coordinator