Emma's English Classes report December 2007


The English Program, which is additional English classes, was held during nine months in 2007. It had three English teachers who worked at three different Quaker Schools in La Paz. More than 39 students, who belong to Emmanuel, Los Amigos, and Emma Canaday School, were benefited with this Program; most of them were in Secondary level. The participants had two English classes per week in the mornings, where they learned English language and as well they reinforced it. They worked a lot on different language skills as speaking, listening, writing, and reading, but the time was not enough for practicing more. Furthermore, they had a gathering on September where they performed many activities in English. For example, some students did poetries, others sang songs, and some other students participated in plays. Also at this Gathering were Newton, Hank and Newton’s son Geoff, who are member of the BQEF board in USA. Thus These additional English classes finished well since 80% of the students who were registered completed the course successfully. Moreover, 16 students got a certificate as training in English at two levels: English Level I and English Level II.

All the students who participated in this program realized loved learning English. First, they liked a lot their English classes where they can speak English and write it, which doesn’t happen in their regular English classes in the afternoons. Second, they feel so happy that they will be able to choose any academic Subject in the university in order to study because they have the language skill. However, they still need to improve their English level, some of them have an Intermediate level, but the others are beginners and high beginners.

On one hand, administration of each school has been very grateful for this English Program, which is especially for the Secondary students. On the other hand, the parents have seen the importance of the English language in university and for getting a job so that they say that this Program is very essential for their children, especially thinking on well-being of their families.

Therefore, this English Program supported by Bolivian Quaker Education BQE is essential for the all school community at Quaker Schools in La Paz. Basically it is the hope of many students and parents who expect better days for their families and country.