The Fun and Significant Week - Ruben, 10-27-08


The campus had signs made by students that asked if you have demonstrated the spirit of love to your school. To which, all came Monday dressed in pajamas. On Tuesday, they dressed in FORMAL WEAR. Wednesday was the opposite day,  then had to turn clothes around to the opposite. Thursday was the day of the twins, or to wear the same clothes as a best friend. Friday was BLUE AND WHITE day, everyone had to wear something of those colors.
Among those days we had two important days. First,  Thursday night was OPEN MIC NIGHT. Students and teachers sang in solo, duets, trios or groups. I played with Jeremy. Second, Friday was PARENTS DAY - the most nervous day for teachers...The school prepared a program of visits for the parents. The parents visited classes to see how their children are learning and how they are being taught.  At the same time the school prepared breakfast, snack, lunch and a special dinner.
I hope you enjoy.  Jawillakipanaya
by Ruben Hilari in NY, 11:57 AM 10/27/08