My first term in Oakwood Friends School, for friends who are interested to know What I am doing here. Ruben


First of all I am so thankful to Our God and friends (BQEF&BQE-BO) who supported and worked and still doing a lot of for my internship.

The things which I saw during my staying are amazing. For many years I was eager to know America. This is first opportunity to stay abroad. Now I will try to tell you what I saw during this first fall term.
I attended during this term, to eight different classes; English 11&10, History, Art, Drama, Spanish, Quakerism, Public Speaking, and in the afternoons I practiced soccer with the students.
In Bolivia the students have to take around 13 or 14 subjects. In Oakwood the students take 5 or 6 subjects, each one three times a week.
Oakwood has around 170 students as in Emmanuel in El Alto- La Paz.
In Bolivia all the schools’ schedule is around 5 hours per day. In Oakwood is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. around 9 hours per day.
In Oakwood the students and teachers have many staffs to study and teach, such as; Internet 24 hours, books (library), labs, and classroom supplies. In Bolivia, we don’t have more than classroom and students.
In Oakwood the students read books more than in Bolivia.
Oakwood has beautiful buildings and classrooms (campus), in Bolivia we are in just one building all day.

Oakwood’s mission says: “…guided by Quaker Principles, educates …dedicated to nurturing the spirit, the scholar, the artist and the athlete in each person” so they do according to its mission. In Bolivia in many Quaker schools for many years we didn’t have any mission.

In one of my interwiev of Oakwood's students. I found that they are very proud about their school. They said that they liked the school because it's small and the community is friendly.