Before one week for Christmas it snowed and the classes was cancelled.

We know that Christmas is an important business activity for many capitalist countries, so this Christamas was no so good for many families because the aconomy of this country.

In spite of , many families celebrated the Crhistmas, I had the opportunity to visit them. I started visiting Charlie’s family in Conectecut. I spent three days and on Saturda we went to New York city in order to see the Christmas tree. It was so cold. And on Sunday afternoon I went to Poughkeepsie Meeting House, we sang Christmas Carol songs, and also performed bolivian music, I played panpipes (zamponas). Then I spent with Peggy and Norm’s family. On Thursday, the Christmas day I went to visit one family until 4:30pm then I went to visit a quaker family. After Christmas I had dinner with Jeremy’s family I met his parents and siblings. Then I had dinner with “Rincon Latino”. We say that way because we use to get togheter all from latinamerica with the Spanish teachers.

I could realize that the favorite food for Christmass is cokies, many times made by themselves. In all the families I saw cookies. Also bread made by themselves and always it is hot. The meat not always is chicken. The exchange of the Christmas gifts is really important. Sometime they gave the gifts made by themselves and also prepaid gifts, and if someone got that type of gift he/she can go to the store in order to get anything. In Jeremy’s family enchanged prepaid checks in order to go to have meal in some restaurant. In the dinner potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, and vegetables (beans, lettuce, tomatoes different sizes) and the apple is prepared by many ways. Last of all, wine is the favorite drink in many families.

And also I could realize that in many families one of the member plays piano and also I saw them playing Christmas songs. In my case I played bolivian music, I played Zampona, charango, quena. Many times Jeremy plays bandle and I play charango.