Nicolás Mario Churqui Mamani

Nicolás Mario Churqui Mamani

Mario is in his 8th semester studying Education Science with a focus on alternative education at UPEA, Achacachi campus. He chose this program so he could become a teacher in First Day School to help his younger brothers and sisters of the church. He studied Theology and Auto Mechanics before choosing education. His favorite subject is educational research. Together with Panfilo Chura, Mario developed a project for Quaker Radio in Achacachi, a project on Environmental Contamination in the schools of Achacachi with the support of PADEM, and a project of "Forestation of Pine and Eucalyptus Trees."

He is the second oldest of 8 children. Four of Mario’s siblings are studying at UPEA. His parents are dedicated farmers in the community of Ocorani, located the the province of Omasuyos. In his free time, Mario helps his parents, and works on the legalization of the radio station "The Quaker" and also plays the piano and the accordion.

Mario’s future goals are to create an Education Center, support society with his projects, become a professor at the University, and study linguistics or communication.

Mario has had a BQEF scholarship since 2009. His studies are sponsored by the Fredonia Friends Meeting.

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