Feyrrer Pairo Quispe

Feyrrer Pairo Quispe

Inspired by his father's work in construction and motivated by his older brother's example, Feyrrer is now in his 5th year studying Architecture at the UMSA. His favorite course was Representation and Expression, because it included analysis of perspectives and training in a variety of techniques. Another favorite class was Morphology, which dealt with architectural forms and innovations.

As part of his studies, Feyrrer participated in a project designing a multifunctional room for the Friends Central Church of Obrajes. He also organized a talent night to raise funds for the children in the community at Christmas.

In his free time, Feyrrer edits videos. Feyrrer tells us he also looks for new things, new ideas, and applies them.

Feyrrer is the fifth son of 7 brothers and sisters. His older brother also studies at the university, his youngest brother is in the 11th grade. He lives alone with his mother, who works as a domestic helper. Feyrrer is a member of the Friends Central Church.

One of Feyrrer's goals is to encourage other young people so they can aspire to many things and work for society in the future.

Feyrrer has had a BQEF scholarship since 2009. His studies are sponsored by a private donor with the Fredonia Friends Meeting.

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