Spring Newsletter: Thriving Internado, Altiplano Computers & Connections, Scholarships not Servitude, Interns, AVP in 3 cities

Internado fathers who walked and ran 6 hours in the pre-dawn rain
A permanent Home and a New Garden:
The Internado property is now ours - free and clear!! The seller traveled from Lima for the day even though his agent could have signed for him, because he is delighted with the new use the property will have.

Internado staff and students are working their new vegetable garden - on land loaned by a local supporter who also volunteers tutoring - so they can grow more of their own food and help keep costs down. (Food prices are rising rapidly in Bolivian due to widespread inflation.)

Several students have formed a musical group playing the zampona (Andina pan piepes), and other traditional instruments, and plan to collaborate with other Sorata musicians this year, holding their rehearsals on the upper terrace at the Internado.

Benito is pleased with the progress of the students, both academically and socially.  Several students were at or near the top of their class this past year.  One girl was chosen as fla bearer - the top honor - for the end-of-year ceremony.


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