New First Day School Lesson and Other Opportunities to Get Acquainted with Bolivian Friends

Students at the Manantial Quaker school in Batallas

We have a new first day school lesson available for 4th grade and up.  The complete lesson includes stories (see Lesson Plan), a slide show, videos, and a booklet. Please forward the links or download and print the materials to share with your First Day School committee.  We hope you enjoy this new opportunity for getting to know Bolivian Friends better, and we welcome your feedback on the materials and how they might have led students and others to find ways to connect with Friends in Bolivia.

This website currently includes other inspiring videos, stories, back newsletters, and photos of Bolivian Friends and their efforts to improve their lives.

Volunteer opportunities are available both in the U.S. and in Bolivia.  See our volunteer page or email the BQEF office at office (at) bqef (dot) org.

Opportunities are available to sponsor Quaker college students attending schools in Bolivia, or to support helping Quaker young people from rural areas living in a Quaker boarding house to attend high school.  See pictures and stories of our current students and our graduates on our scholarships page and our album.

We publish a newsletter several times a year with stories of recent achievements.  To receive the free newsletter, contact the BQEF office at office (at) bqef (dot) org.

If you or your meeting have a newsletter, we would appreciate your including the above information about these opportunities to connect with Bolivian Friends, and about this work to enhance Bolivian Friends education. Feel free to link to the resources here, too.

In the Light,

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