Damaso Choque Yupangui

Damaso Choque Yupangui

UPDATE: Dámaso has finished his degree and has graduated with a degree in Musical Expression and Creativity.
Damaso is completing his 6th semester studying "Expression and Creativity" in the School of Music at the Warisata Teacher's College. He enjoyed student teaching in Ancoraimes School because he overcame his fear of teaching and worked with a two voice chorus with 8th grade students. Through his teaching, Damaso has developed leadership skills.

During the month of April 2010, Damaso and his classmates participated in the National Olympiad of Music of the Teacher Education College. This year’s Olympiad was held in the Warisata Teacher College where he was studying, and lasted one week. The event includes many activities, including sports and folklore. In this Olympiad, Damaso participated in the Italian dance.

Damaso lives with his parents and 3 sisters in the city of El Alto in the Los Andes province. His father, a former bricklyer, is disabled. His mother is an occasional festival vendor in the area. During his free time, Damaso helps his parents at home, plays soccer, and plays musical instruments. They are members of the Central Friends Church.

In the future, Damaso wants to form another church in his family's home because their current church is located far away. He also wants to form an electronic group.

Damaso has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008.