Gloria Castaño Rodriguez

Gloria Castaño Rodriguez

Gloria is in her 5th year studying Social Work at UMSA, where her favorite subject is individuals and families and the relationship between education and success.

She was involved in a team project “For Good Health: a Change in Attitude Toward Garbage,” which included workshops, video debates, and clean-up, reforestation, and recycling campaigns, for members of the community.

Gloria has 5 brothers and 5 sisters, most of whom live at home and are studying in high school. One of her sisters, Elsa, is a former BQEF scholarship student. Her father is a bricklayer and a waiter, and her mother is a vender with a kiosk. Gloria enjoys the library and the internet, plays volleyball, and helps her mother. Her parents came from Huarina and Palca. The family is a member of the INELA Yearly Meeting.

Her goals are to finish her degree, have a stable job, make a difference in society and educate people about their rights and responsibilities, and work with an institution to rehabilitate people.

Gloria has had a BQEF scholarship since 2007. Her studies are sponsored by a private donor.

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