Elizabeth Mamani Mamani

Elizabeth Mamani Mamani

From childhood, Elizabeth has enjoyed helping her friends and other people with wounds. She is now finishing her fifth year of Nursing Studies at UPEA, where her favorite course so far has been Anatomy because she learned how the human body functions. Elizabeth is especially interested in women's health issues, particularly prenatal care and childbirth.

Elizabeth is currently doing a practicum at the Bolivian Japanese Gastroenterological Hospital (GBJ), located in the Miraflores zone of La Paz. During this practicum she is learning about obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, and also has had the opportunity to serve impoverished children and families in the province of Omasuyos. After Elizabeth obtains her professional credentials, she wants to continue her studies for a master's degree in gynecology/obstetrics.

Outside her university activities, Elizabeth plays volleyball and helps her aunt sell tennis shoes to pay rent. She greatly admires her aunt, who helps her economically and encourages Eizabeth to help her younger brothers and sisters.

Born in Achacachi, Elizabeth is the second daughter of nine children. Four of her siblings are also in higher education, and 4 are still in school. Her youngest brother is in the second grade at a Quaker School. Her father is a shoemaker and her mother is a farmer. Elizabeth lives in El Alto during the week, and returns home on weekends to Achacachi, where she and her family attend the Amigos Central Quaker Church.

Elizabeth's studies are sponsored by Chapel Hill Friends Meeting. She has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008.

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