Magaly Quispe Yujra

Magaly Quispe Yujra

UPDATE: 10/17/11
Magaly has completed her degree, is facilitating AVP workshops in San Pedro Prison, and received recognition from her colleagues at the AVP International conference just finished in Guatemala.
Magaly is in her 4th year studying Sociology at UMSA. She chose her career because she likes to help society and solve problems, and was inspired by one of her professors in a course on Vocational Orientation. Her favorite course was the Social History of Latin America, because it compared Bolivia with other countries of Latin America.

Through her studies Magaly participated in several rewarding projects. For one project, she worked with children in jail to help them deal with the suffering experienced being separated from their mothers when they reach six years of age. With a group of six other people, Magaly was part of another project called "Joy of children and ancients at Christmas,” where they collected clothing for the children in Corocoro. In the future, she plans to complete her course of study, specialize in Social Politics and then study for a doctorate.

Magaly is the second daughter in a family of five. When she began school she was living with her mother who had a small grocery store, but now her Mother and the youngest brother live in the countryside. Her oldest brother graduated, but is now in the army. She cares for 3 dogs and her two brothers that remain in the city. Magaly was born in the Nazarene Church, but since 2002 has been a member of the Friends.

In her free time, Magaly spends time with her family, plays soccer and volleyball. She respects her mother very much, who is her inspiration and strength. She also admires Jens Braun of Alternatives to Violence for his patience and tranquility. She enjoys her own natural joyful and spontaneous personality.

Magaly has had a BQEF scholarship since 2009. Her studies are sponsored by a private donor with Redwood Forest Friends Meeting.

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