Jhovana Jallurana Quispe

Jhovana Jallurana Quispe

Jhovana is in her 2nd year studying Education Sciences at the University of Salesiana. Her favorite course so far was psychology, where she learned about positive parent/child relationships.

Jhovana is the third child of 4 girls and 8 boys, ranging in age from sixth grade to college graduates. Her oldest brother completed the Education Sciences program. Her father and mother are the Internado houseparents.

In her free time Jhovana likes to do crafts, including weaving, painting and many others. She admires her parents, in part because her mother has always taught her what she could. Also, she likes the way her mother is, not participating in vain diversions. Jhovana likes to be tranquil and patient.

Jhovana has participated in a community service project to organize a women's soccer championship. In the future she wants to study and continue to help her younger siblings, her cousins, and her community. She feels that the people need help and guidance, particularly the youth.

Jhovana has had a BQEF scholarship since 2009. Her studies are sponsored by the West London Area Meeting.

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