Jhonny Mamani Cruz

Jhonny Mamani Cruz

Johnny Mamani Cruz is in the 6th semester studying Educational Sciences at UPEA (Universidad Pública de El Alto). He was inspired to study this career so he can help with family and vocational guidance. His favorite course was educational administration, because he learned research and teaching guidelines.

Johnny lives in Achacachi with his parents and two sisters. His parents are farmers and can only able contribute to his textbooks. The family is a member of the Friends Holiness Church. In his spare time, Johnny helps his father and mother, and plays basketball. He greatly respects his father, who motivates him and supports his goal to be professional. What Johnny likes about himself is his personality, his punctuality, and he likes to tell the truth.

His future aspirations include training and and helping children and youth of the church. After completing his education he wants to be a school administrator in a church school. He wants to support young people in achieving their goals.

Jhonny has been a BQEF scholarship student since July 2010. His studies are sponsored by a private donor.

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