Janete Rueda Calcina

Janete Rueda Calcina

Jeanete is in her 2nd year studying Auditing at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés). She chose this career because she loves math. Her favorite class is accounting, because she enjoys learning about revenues and expenditures, profits and losses in managing business. In the future she plans to earn a masters degree.

Jeanete lives in the Callampaya area of the city of La Paz with her mother. She is the only daughter. Her mother sells food for a living, but her income isn't enough to cover living costs and Jeanete’s university expenses. Jeanete reports that her uncle motivates her and provides some financial assistance.

Jeanete is a member of INELA, where she teaches girls, and is involved in youth policy. During her free time, she enjoys helping her mother, shopping or cleaning, and playing Wallyball with the youth of the church.

Janete has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010. To find out how you or your meeting can support Janete's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

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