Judith Torrez Quispe

Judith Torrez Quispe

Judith is in her 3rd semester studying Mathematics at the Simon Bolivar Normal School (teachers college). She chose this career because she was encouraged by her teachers and loves teaching math and dynamic games that make learning enjoyable. Her favorite course is Algebra. In the future, she wants to complete her BS degree and teach mathematics in remote villages, because children in the provinces do not like math.

She lives in Villa Fatima, and takes the bus to college. Her mother is a trader and her father is ill with diabetes. Judith has 4 siblings; two brothers and two sisters. Her mother provides her with 5 Bs for bus tickets, which is not enough to cover her college expenses.

Judith attends New Hope Church INELA. She likes to organize her free time; she enjoys washing and cooking and preparing for exhibitions, and playing Wallyball on Sundays. A favorite relative who respects and motivates her is her brother. He always supports her and says there is no money but hard metal. Judith admires his solidarity.

Judith has had a BQEF scholarship since July 2010. To find out how you or your meeting can support Judith's studies, please visit our Scholarships and Sponsorships page.

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