What is the Q in BQEF ?



Friends call me Minga and this is my debut on this website. BQEF is an exciting adventure in culture, language, learning and spiritual transformation. This sounds too good to be true.

Let me examine the 3 words B-Q- E. So I understand the need for education. Jose Martí says, "Ser culto es el unico modo de ser libre". (Education is the only way to obtain freedom.) I understand the beauty and wonder in working with the people of Bolivia. Bolivia is the richest and poorest of countries. Galleno wrote, “of all the Latin American countries, Bolivia is the one with a furious sense of dignity." What about the Q?
What makes BQEF a Quaker project? It is managed by Quakers and gives scholarships to Quakers and offers inter-visitation between north and south Quakers. All of this attracted me to join the working group of BQEF. This project is more than giving money to a good cause. Charity standing alone can erase dignity. The Spirit needs to mutually move both Boliviano and NorteAmericano. We need to understand the spiritual yearnings of the Bolivians as they find their place in the world. We need to seek answers to the plethora of problems Quakers have in the States. We need each other.
So when I was asked to travel to Bolivia I knew I wanted to do it with the support of my home meeting and to include in my adventure visiting the Bolivian students in their Friends churches as much as in their schools. I asked for a formal letter implying that I was a legitimate Friend. It says in part:
Dear Friends,

Our member, Elizabeth (Minga) Claggett-Borne, is traveling to visit Friends in Bolivia to better learn how the Living Spirit of God is working among you. How does truth prosper among Friends?  ….We joyously support Elizabeth’s concern to travel in Bolivia. We send her to your loving care and pray that her witness will be an example of God’s love and truth.

Yours in the Light and God's Love,

Presiding Clerk, Friends Meeting at Cambridge

I will be traveling in Bolivia from Jan 20 to March 8th 2011. I will be joining in Alternatives to Violence Project workshops, teaching English and learning from the Bolivians receiving BQEF scholarships.
God’s speed, Minga