Lourdes Valdez Ramirez

Lourdes Valdez Ramirez

Lourdes is in her fifth year studying Geological Engineering and Environment at UMSA. Since high school, she always enjoyed basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. She is also motivated by the changes that are happening in the global climate caused by people. Her favorite course is Structural Geology, because it deals with the formation of the earth, the structures, faults and folds that are related to the phenomena of the earth. In the future, she plans to complete her course of study, work in an oil company and obtain a specialty and Master's Degree in Brazil.

Lourdes lives with her parents in the Pura Pura area of La Paz city. Her mother is a teacher in the Spanish School and Director in the Friends High School of INELA. Her father is an accountant, but is not currently working. She has one brother who is 24 years old. Her family are all members of INELA.

During her free time, Lourdes plays volleyball, goes on long walks, attends church, and travels with the youth of the church and shares with them. She is a facilitator in the Alternatives to Violence Project and has a goal of expanding this project.

Lourdes has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008. Her studies are being sponsored by a private donor from Chapel Hill Friends Meeting.

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