Nydia Mariza Quispe Cordero

Nydia Mariza Quispe Cordero

Nydia is in her 9th semester studying linguistics and languages at UPEA. Her favorite subjects are English, literature, language, and especially writing. Nydia is a translator for Jáqi-Aru, an online Aymara community. Her class plans to visit Tiwanaku to learn more about Aymara rites.

Nydia is currently developing the outline for her thesis with the theme "Methodology Strategies for the Learning of the Aymara Language." Her goal is to complete her degree and work in rural areas as a teacher.

Born in Janko Amaya, located in the province of Omasuyos, Nydia is the youngest of 4 children. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Her father died when she was 2 years old and her mother, 65, is a farmer. The family is a member of the Santidad church in Janko Amaya.

In her spare time, Nydia likes to help her mother, reading and writing. She most admires her older brother, who assumed responsibility for the family after their father died.

Nydia has had a BQEF scholarship since 2008. Her studies are sponsored in celebration of the life of Helen Fry.

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